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2018.08Hong Kong Shue Yan University Notebook Ownership Program 2018
2018.07HP A3 Multi-Functional Printer (MFP) Promotion
2018.07Toppan Forms x Micro Focus SMB Packages
2018.06Turbocharge Your Business with Micro Focus Small Bundling Packages
2018.05[10 DAYS LEFT] GDPR Compliance and Avoid Fine
2018.05Brand New Bundle Package: HP ProBook x ServiceCare
2018.05Time to GDPR Compliance and Avoid Fine
2018.04Toppan Forms x HP MPS Roadshow, 26 - 27 Apr, CC Wu Building, Wanchai
2018.02Happy Chinese New Year 2018
2018.02Toppan Forms x HP MPS Experience Day
2017.10Toppan Forms Solution Day 2017
2017.09Toppan Forms x HP Retail Solution Workshop
2017.08Toppan Forms x Sonicwall Product Update Cocktail
2017.07Toppan Forms x Sophos Exclusive Luncheon 2017
2017.06Toppan Forms X HPE “ Be happy and no more crying ”- HPE Security Solution Day
2017.05FUJITSU x Microsoft安全性流動辦公室方案,令工作環境不再Wanna Cry
2017.05WannaCry? Toppan Forms immediate support to solve your plight
2017.04建築資訊模型(BIM) Startup方案,配合「科技券計劃」即慳HKD$ 110,000!!
2017.04Toppan Forms 最新整合式流動性解決方案--登記即送港幣$100超市禮券
2017.04Toppan Forms 「按頁計」5毫5仙打印優惠
2017.03Event Invitation: Toppan Forms x Fujitsu Running Critical Applications without zero Downtime
2016.08Seminar Invitation - Worrying about Networks, Web Applications and Data’s ability to fight Cyberattacks?
2016.07Toppan Forms x Fuji Xerox Printer Promotion
2016.07Toppan Forms x HP 中小企打印優惠
2016.06Toppan Forms Promotion Items
2016.06Event Invitation: Toppan Forms x Symantec - How to prevent Data-Kidnapping from Ransomware
2016.04Promotion: Toppan Forms Next Generation Cyber Security Solution
2016.04Toppan Forms x Huawei Seminar: High Efficiency Securities ICT Solution for FSI Industry / Shenzhen Scheme
2016.03TF x HPE Software: Holistic Security, Management & Data Protection
2016.03TF x HPE Software: Holistic IT Operations & Application Management
2015.12Toppan Forms X Letv 全新型號優惠 : 超級電視Series 3
2014.06Toppan Forms 教育資訊 : 凸版資訊領先成功獲得WIFI 100項目
2014.06Newspaper Release: The 5th ICBC Soccer League on Jun 27, 2014
2014.06 Future School in the Cloud 體驗之旅 on 21 June, 2014
2014.06Newspaper Release: The 5th ICBC Soccer League on Jun 13, 2014
2014.06Event Release: The 5th ICBC Soccer League on Jun 6, 2014
2014.06News Release from Metro Daily on Jun 5, 2014
2014.05HP Experience Day on Jun 17, 2014
2014.02ICBC (Asia) Football League 2014 : Singpao News Release on 28 Feb
2014.02Toppan Forms New Year Vendors Greeting 2014!
2013.09Event Release : The 64th National Day IT Sector Gala Dinner
2013.08Event Release : Visualize and Analyze Your Data a Whole New Way by SAS & HP
2013.06The 4th ICBC (Asia) League 2013 (Final Release on June 7, 2013)
2013.06Toppan Forms ICBC Soccer League 2013 (News Release from Singpao : 7 Jun 2013)
2013.054 Years HDS Top Partner of Year
2013.04Toppan Forms (HK) Group x DSI®- Partnership Signing Ceremony
2013.03Toppan Forms Sole Sponsorship of the 4th ICBC Asia League 2013 - Opening Ceremony
2013.02Toppan Forms (HK) Group - New Year Vendors Greeting 2013
2012.08Case Study: Century City International Holdings Limited
2012.08Toppan Forms & Hitachi Data Systems - 3 Years Top Partner Celebrative Luncheon
2012.06Toppan Forms Sole Sponsorship of the 3rd ICBC (Asia) League 2012 was successfully on Jun 08, 2012
2012.05The 3rd ICBC (Asia) League 2012 - Toppan Forms Invitation Cup 2012
2012.05SAP Contract Signing Ceremony
2012.04Exclusive Movie Screening Event
2012.03Toppan Forms Sole Sponsorship of the 3rd ICBC (Asia) League 2012
2011.09The 40th Anniversary Toppan Forms (HK) Group Soccer Cup
2011.07Kick-off Ceremony for the 40th Anniversary Toppan Forms (HK) Group Soccer Cup
2011.06Toppan Forms Computer Systems Limited receives worldwide recognition as the SAP Pinnacle Awards Winner 2011
2011.05SAP Pinnacle Award Winner 2011
2011.03Toppan Forms SAP - Signage site is now launched in the Marigold Mansions!
2010.06Toppan Forms Computer Systems Limited as Recognized SAP GOLD Partner
2009.04Environmental - DocuScan Solution