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Toppan Forms is dedicated in providing software and services to simplify your success and help your business grow. The product and related services go hand in hand to ensure that we provide the complete solution to your ERP challenges.

Toppan Forms SAP Overview


As one of the most reputable business solutions providers in Hong Kong, Toppan Forms Computer Systems Limited (TFCS) understands what it takes to run small and midsize businesses (SMBs) successfully. As the SAP Gold Partner, we are ready to provide the solution you need, to help you stay competitive day after day, while facing challenges of shrinking budgets and tighter profit.

  ►   SAP Gold Partner

         SAP classified its partners by Gold, Silver, and Associate levels based on the following criteria:

              •    Company size
              •    Resources for consultation and post-implementation support
              •    Sales Revenue
              •    Marketing effort
              •    Number of reference customer
              •    Service quality

          As a certified SAP Gold Channel Partner in Hong Kong, Toppan Forms delivers state-of-the-art total
          solutions for its customers.

  ►   SAP ERP Solution
The SAP ERP application supports the essential functions of your business processes and operations efficiently and is tailored to specific needs of your industry. Included in the SAP Business Suite software, SAP ERP delivers:

SAP ERP Financials
            •    Ensure compliance and predictability of business performance
            •    so your organization can gain a deeper financial insight across the enterprise and tighten control
                 of  finances.
            •    Automate financial and management accounting and financial supply chain management.
            •    Provide rigorous support for corporate-governance mandate.

SAP ERP Human Capital Management

            •    Optimize HR processes with a complete, integrated, and global human capital management (HCM)
            •    Applicable to organizations of all sizes and in all industries, maximizing the potential of your
                  workforce while supporting innovation, growth, and flexibility


For current customers, our SAP enhancement packages improve and extend your SAP ERP software without the cost of major upgrades. To keep up with the latest SAP ERP enhancements and key topics, you may tap into the interactive SAP ERP Community anywhere, anytime.

  ►   Toppan Forms Up-to-date Achievement
  • SAP Worldwide Pinnacle Award Winner, 2011
  • FKOM Top growth partner award for SAP Business All-in-One, 2010
  • Proven Experience With Professional Consultancy Services
  • TFCS position as Total Solution Provider
  • SAP Gold Partner
  • More than 50+ SAP project implementation experiences
  • Experienced SAP Project Consulting Team

  ►   Toppan Forms Achievement in 2010

         •   SAP Gold Partner
         •   TOP 1 Partner in Hong Kong
         •   TOP 2Partner across APJ
         •   TOP 50Partner across SAP worldwide
         •   One of the SAP Partners Executive Council
         •   SAP A1 Top Growth Partner of the year in APJ
         •   SAP Business All-in-One Top Growth Partner of the year in Asia Pacific

If you are looking for an ERP solution that works, you need SAP. Feel free to learn more about our Toppan Forms SAP solution here!