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Most organizations take IT inventory check once or twice a year which requires a lot of labor and time resources and the cost is enormous. However, data accuracy is so short that additional resources are needed to double check problem items. On average around 20% to 30% of items have to retake due to duplicate information, writing error, missing item and other reasons.

About ITWalker


ITWalker provides an easy and efficient way to minimize the cost of data collection. ITWalker automatically collects useful information from user PC accurately, timely, and transparently. It also continuously monitors the hardware and software configuration of target machine. Unlike other systems, ITWalker uses popular HTTP for data transmission. Collected data will be passed to centralized server over HTTP request. No extra network configuration is required. Data can be submitted over the Internet without interruption. As a result, geographic boundary is eliminated which is especially important for organizations with multiple sites.


Automatic Data Collection
    •   Automatic Site Identification
    •   Automatic Email Alert
    •   Computer name changed detection
    •   Serial number conflict detection
    •   Scan on demand
    •   License usage monitoring
    •   Departmental licensing statistic
    •   Central Management of Client Scan Schedule
    •   Easy to use Help Desk
    •    No Geographic Boundary
    •    Minimize Manual Input

iTWalker Diagram Reference:

                     Network Sample

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