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Security Solutions


With advances in technology, information technology has become an important lines of business development tools. Toppan Forms provides a wide range of information security solutions, to establish a secure privacy, personal or corporate information while protecting the best solution.

Service Includes: 

     A.   Basic Security for SME  
            •   Device access control – Enable password (BIOS, boot up, hard disk)
            •   Documentation of password issue and data equipment loan out
            •   Setup domain security environment of files in server
            •   File audit of deleted document
            •   Audit illegal software installation
            •   Permission PC directory
            •   Update antivirus
            •   Firewall / gateway level of antivirus
            •   Regular apply security patches for Windows update
            •    Enable windows firewall
            •   Enable machine BIOS, boot up password
            •   PPTP VPN access of company
            •   Enable hardware security lock
            •    Setup password security of equipment
            •   Regular security audit and review

     B.   Mid-level Security
            •   Folder password security of personal PC directory
            •   Server folder invisible to non-authorized person
            •   Setup secure FTP server
            •    Finger print + password for USB solution
            •    IPsec (DES, 3DEC) access of company
            •   Electronic document of loan out equipment
            •   Encryption of removable media disk
            •   Port security by device type
            •   Bar code implementation of loan out product
            •   Control software download / send out with logging
            •   Email journal system with attachment filtering (e.g. no MP3, EXE)
            •   Instant messaging activity control (e.g. MSN)
            •   Regular security audit, review and consultation

     C.   High-level Security
            •   Setup proxy server to internet access with logging
            •   RSA + VPN control of firewall
            •   Document scanning solution of data in protected folder
            •   Enable port security by device ID, control removable device access - floppy, DVD access)
            •    Consultation of network security
            •   Certification of company security and labor (e.g ISO 27002)
            •   Encryption of notebook and server disk
            •    Hardening of server security
            •    Fine turning of PC security
            •   Physical location to control data security (e.g. Smart Card, door lock, port isolation)
            •   Encryption of server data backup
            •   RFID solution of product
            •   Review server and network structure
            •    BCP plan of equipment
            •    Data erasure
            •    Training of IT administrator, regular security audit, review and consultation

                                                                        Network Diagram for Data Security

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