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Loyalty Program Solution


Our one stop loyalty program solution helps optimize your promotion program with easy-to-follow multi management functions:
1. Membership management
2. Transaction management
3. Bonus management
4. Lottery management  

Our loyalty program includes: 
Card Issue Program
Mini POS
Incentive Setting
Lottery Function
Online / Offline Version  
User-defined Access Right 
Compatible with different input devices (e.g. barcode reader, smart card reader, digital camera, etc.) 

Membership Solution


Membership program can be divided into: application, data entry, membership card issuance and fulfillment. With our total solution, every single stage can be managed efficiently under the same roof. 

Instant Card Solution


Our instant card solution enables you to issue photo membership cards at the spot, whenever an application is made, all you have to do is enter details and place photo on the template. With a single click, full color ID cards are issued instantly.In addition, we also provide hardware and software required for instantly issuing financial card (Debit and Credit) in branch for an immediate solution for emergency card reissues. 

Retail Gift Card Solution


We can assist in your retail gift card project all the way from designing, card production, card encoding and fulfillment to implementing card reader/ writer at your stores. 

IC & RFID Solution


We also provide one-stop IC & RFID solution which includes services from card manufacturing, data encoding, system installation, technical training and maintenance. Our wholly-owned production site with cutting edge technology ensures all procedures are smooth and under high security.

Rewrite Card Solution


Information stored inside hidden magnetic strip or IC chip are visually available and can be rewritten around 500 times. All text or graphics are permanent on the card surface until being erased by thermal print head of card printer. It is the best communication tool for your customers to keep track of their transaction history and for you update card holder’s details, loyalty points and display promotional message.

  Large rewritable display area
  Rewrite for around 500 times
  Flexible in card design, silver window or leuco types
  Flexible in card type, PET or PVC materials
  Data stored on magnetic stripe or IC chip
     High resolutions of 400dpi
  Graphic capability for logo / promotion graphics printing
  No consumable (colour ribbon, ink cartridge) is required
  Cards can be recycled for different users
  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application integration 

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